Santiago Nino – Arpeggia / 4Mal Remix

Santiago Nino was very kind to make us an offer to remix his recently finished track ‘Arpeggia‘. After listening to it four or five times I was pretty sure we could do ‘deep-minimal-progressive‘ version. And no, this is not trance (at least not only trance)…
Digital Witchcraft – Fingerpaint‘ work is in progress, it’s going to be a breaks version, just like the original 8)
4Mal’s good friend Ilya Peutin presented us two alternative master versions of ‘Micah – Terras (4Mal’s Obscuras Mix)’ and ‘Nino & Davila – Wake Me from the Inside (4Mal’s Outside Mix)‘, both are top-class quality! If he keeps up the good work, 4Mal boys will not need any 3rd party mastering.

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