Happy New Year!

Thank You for 2005 and see you in 2006!

2005 started with 4Mal-Twilight on Baroque Limited, promos were out in March. While waiting for the vinyl release, we started getting in touch with young artists looking for a collaboration and trying to get into the ‘big scene’. Our first-ever-officially-released remix was made on Damien Heck’s ‘Deep Reveal’ featuring Michelle Chivers (Mixturi Global). Later we got in touch with Micah at Global Underground message board and got a chance to remix his breaks track ‘Terras’ (Segment Records). In winter 2005 we discovered Proton Radio internet broadcasts, tuned in every second night and ripped webstreams to listen again, a bit later Proton launched their own record label and announced remix contests, we participated in the first and second one (Digital Witchcraft – Fingerpaint (4Mal’s Doodle mix) and Formulate – Abbreviated Funk (4Mal’s Formula remix), both versions didn’t win but entered Top 10). In spring we’ve been listening to Global DJ Broadcast with Markus Schulz and met Santiago Nino on IRC while listening to Markus dropping his tune. We remixed a track by Santiago Nino and Francis Davila (‘Wake Me from the Inside’ (4Mal’s Ouside mix) on Connected Progressive, UK) and a track which appeared on Baroque’s offshot, Wildchild Records, ‘Arpeggia’ (4Mal’s Backstage dub). In May we finished three new original tunes, ‘Red Dust EP’ (Jumping Reds mix, Dust’n’Ashes dub and Red Cent reprise) and got in touch with Freza & DJ Flash, a progressive house duo from Moscow, this resulted in two remixes we did for the guys (Freza & DJ Flash – Kalimba (4Mal remix) and Freza & DJ Flash – Killa (4Mal’s Suspect mix), first one on Plastica Red as a digital download, second one is unsigned yet). In July Russia’s most upfront progressive/trance DJ Vladimir Fonarev invited us to do a guestmix for his show ‘Atmosphere’, it was our first FM radio appearance in the homeland. In August we teamed up to remix an excellent deep track ‘Low Entropy’ by Miltos T, Saten and Palivacinni (on Pangea Digital) plus started an Artist page @ FeralCode.com. Autumn and winter seasons were rich in events, we became acquainted with Jose Amnesia and remixed his track ‘Exedra’, met and worked with excellent vocalists Ani and Cagri Eralp and finished our new EP (two ‘First Sense’ tunes). In December there was a 4Mal remix of Native featuring Ani – Trans Port (unsigned yet) and our guest set on ‘Asphalt’ radio show hosted by Alexey Sonar (second FM radio appearance in Russia), few days before NYE a letter from Matthew Adams reached our inbox and now he is doing his very own version of ‘First Sense’. And we 4Mal guys keep on putting sounds together 🙂

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