Fakesoul / Oversense / 4Mal Remix / Review


4Mal’s remix again is slowed down from the Original, with some laid back tribal percussion early on and the introduction of bassline at 1 minute. Progressive in feel throughout, this remix I liked for the plain but slightly deviating nature from the Original. The bassline drives along with a simpler lead, and even a couple of small vocal pieces added throughout give this a nice feel and a refreshing change from the Fakesoul mixes“.  Please read the full text here.


Интернет-издание об электронной танцевальной музыке harderfaster.net опубликовало обзор композиции Fakesoul – Oversense и, в частности,  нашего ремикса 4Mal’s Above The Ground Remix. Пожалуйста, познакомьтесь с полным текстом статьи здесь.

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