Debut guest mix

Hello again, tonight we are doing our debut guest mix; hope you will be able to tune in! This set will also be available for download after the broadcast, please check EccentricBeats website for details.

AtomicBeats with Andy Hunter and Darren Adam @ EccentricBeats Radio
05.04.2005, Hour 2: 4Mal
1. 16 Bit Lolitas – Take My Life (Original mix) [Deep]
2. Dominic Plaza – Sounds Rushing (Original mix) [Fokused]
3. Benz & MD – Mar Del Plata (Dousk remix) [Fracas]
4. Depeche Mode – Only When I Lose Myself (Micali & Ajami mix) [White]
5. Double 99 – 7th High (Hydrogen Rockers mix) [Satellite]
6. Thomas Penton – Deeper Vowels (Andre Absolut remix) [Baroque]
7. Radiohead – Everything In Its Right Place (Hybrid remix) [White]
8. Lo Step – The Roots (Reprise) [GU]

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