4Mal / Teria / FlipCube Records / FLIPCUBE004

After one year pause with FlipCube Records, we are happy to announce that the label is back. We have changed a lot in our management, promotion and A&R system and hope that from now on there will be no long breaks without new music on our own label.

During 2009 we released 9 original productions and remixes, one artist album on 2 CDs and one compilation. We already have new singles and remixes scheduled for December 2009 and January 2010.

Please listen to 4Mal’s latest one, «Teria», hope you will like it!

4Mal Teria FlipCube Records

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4Mal / Teria / FlipCube Records / FLIPCUBE004

«Teria» is available in all major digital music stores: Beatport, Juno, JunoDownloadAudioJelly and BeatsDigital.

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